Child-Safe, Sustainable, and Eco-Friendly Dog Toys | Pata Pal's Story

It all started back in 2018 when our founder David rescued the quirky and adorable Kaiah. As Kaiah became more comfortable at home, she began to open up and embrace playtime with the whole family. Unfortunately, David struggled to find fun, durable toys that Kaiah actually liked and wouldn’t destroy quickly. With kids in the house, David went searching for toys that would be safe for everyone. To his surprise, many of the toys on the market were not tested to be child safe or eco-friendly. 

After failing to find fun, eco-friendly products, David came up with his own tested-safe toys. After seeing how much Kaiah loved them, David started Patapal to bring quality products to playtime with dog toys that are as good for pets as they are for the Earth.

At Patapal, we decided we wouldn’t compromise with our dogs, our family. Inspired by Kaiah, Pata Pal products are child-safe, made from recycled materials, free of toxic chemicals and dyes, and most importantly, fun! Choose happy and healthy playtime with your pet, choose Patapal.